1. What is a Youth Challenge?

The Youth Challenge Program will bring together students from different schools and ADF personnel to explore many of the issues surrounding defence and Australia's responsibility as a global citizen in the present and the future.

2. Where is the application form?

All schools will be sent an application form via post (to the SOSE/HSIE Departments) – complete the application form and fax or post it back to us. There is also a link on this website for online application.
Online Application

3. How do I apply to attend?

The quickest way is to use the link on this website and apply online.
Online Application

4. How much does it cost to attend?

There is no cost to attend. However, if schools withdraw their application within 3 days of a Challenge, an administration fee will be charged to the school to cover catering costs.

5. Do we need to bring lunch?

Morning tea and lunch is included.

6. I want to bring more than 10 students - is this OK?

To enable a greater number of schools the opportunity to attend - we limit the number of students to 10 (+ 1 teacher per 10 students).  If you would like to nominate more than 10 students, please contact us (details below) and we can advise you if this is possible.  Occasionally, in regional areas it may be possible to bring more students.

7. I only want to bring 4 students – is this OK?

Yes – you can nominate any number of students, (up to 10 in the Challenges in the bigger cities).

8. Our school wants to attend the Youth Challenge but I haven’t selected the students yet – what should I do?

Send us an email ASAP with your school details so you don’t miss out – you can send students’ names later prior to the Challenge.

9. What year level does this program best suit?

Years 9-11 but if you wish to bring students from other year level's please send us a request via email.

10. Do the students need to wear school uniform on the day?

If your students wear a school uniform yes – if not, then that’s OK too.

11.What do the students need to do before the challenge?

There will be some reading material sent to schools prior to the challenge.

12. Will there be any service personnel attending on the day?

Yes, there will be representatives from the Army, Navy and Air Force participating in the program.

13. Can we bring 2 teachers?


14. Can we bring along a student teacher?


15. I want to talk to someone about the program – How do I make contact?

You can call us 03 9500 2399
You can fax us 03 9500 2388
You can email us ryebuck@ryebuck.com.au
You can send us a letter Ryebuck Media,
31 Station Street,
Malvern VIC 3144
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