130 enthusiastic, cooperative, talented and respectful students from 12 schools around Townsville and Palm Island attended our first Defence 2020 Indigenous Youth Challenge for 2011.

They came to the Lavarack Army Barracks for a day of interactive learning which included:
• identifying leadership skills
• meeting some of today's modern warriors
• participating in bullring activities
• workshopping their ideas about defence, and finally
• performing role-plays to show what they believe are the most important things our ADF does to protect the nation and be a good international citizen.


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Participant Comments

The photos and teachers' comments say a lot about the day:

Thanks for a great day, the students loved it and only had one complaint - not enough ice cream! Highlights of the day were making new friends, the role plays (not being ashamed to participate) and the bullring activities (even though they wished there were more). Their favourite display was the Army Dogs and all thought the Venue was, "deadly"!
Kirwin State High School

Just wanting to let you know that the 2020 Indigenous Defence Force Challenge was fantastic, the students could not stop talking about it.  So GREAT JOB!!! goes to you and your team. 
Northern Beaches State High School

On behalf of the Bwgcolman staff and students, I would like to say a big thank you for hard work and effort to organise the 2020 Indigenous Youth Challenge.  We really enjoyed the day.  It was great for our students to be able to participate in the activities and for them to socialise with students from other schools.  There were lots of great role models on hand for them to model their own behaviour on.
Many of our students have been talking about the work experience opportunities available to them.  A few were also very interested in the sound of the Trade and Officer Tours.  Please keep us in the loop with the future developments of these programs.  It was really encouraging to hear our students discussing career pathways with each other in the taxi on the way to the airport.  Well done.
Please pass on our on congratulations and thanks to your team.
Bwgcolman Community School




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